Surviving Japan

July 1 - July 21

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These last few days we’ve been too busy and mostly too tired to update our blog. Sorry for that!

For our last day in Matsumoto we decided to climb a mountain close by. We had already seen most attractions in the city and Matsumoto is located in the Japanese Alps, so we felt that climbing a mountain was something we couldn’t skip. We both do not have equipments nor experience climbing mountains so we choose a relatively easy mountain called Kamikochi. We choose a relatively short but enjoyable hiking trail and we even got to see very cute wild monkeys!

Yesterday we spend most of the day in a limited express train traveling towards Tokyo. After arriving at our hotel we decided to take a walk in our neighborhood even though we were really tired. Somehow we ended up in Asakusa a well known neighborhood in Tokyo. While we were at it we visited the very crowded Sensoji temple as well.

This morning we were supposed to get up early and head for Tokyo Disney. However we both failed at getting up early and seeing that weather forecast said it would be 33°C this afternoon we decided to visit Tokyo Disney tomorrow. We spend our day in Shinjuku instead. We visited the free observatory desk of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building and some famous department stores like Odakyu, Mylord and Lumine. The best thing about the department stores was the air conditioning!

After Shinjuku we made a short stop at Yayogi Park, but with 36°C we pretty much burned away and decided to take refuge in our small hotel room for the rest of the evening.